Child Custody

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Child Custody Investigations

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When couples separate it can be one of the toughest experiences someone can go through, especially when children are involved and the parents cannot agree on custody or visitation arrangements. The emotional impact parents often endure worrying about their child’s safety and welfare when separated from them can be extremely difficult. Children should be in the care and custody of a qualified parent or guardian.

Often times the court will decide what is in the “best interest” of the child based on a variety of factors, such as whether or not the child’s safety and emotional well-being will be in danger when the child spends time with the father or mother. Some cases are based on financial factors relating to the parties which may change over time if a former spouse or parent’s employment status or living arrangement changes. While there are many reasons why a private investigator is requested for child custody investigations or child support investigations they often revolve around helping to prove the client’s suspicions or put their mind at ease. If you suspect your child is currently, or at risk of being neglected or abused you should not wait. Evidence obtained can be presented to the appropriate authorities and for court proceedings. Effective investigative methods can involve surveillance and background checks, as well as conducting interviews and taking statements. For example, child custody investigations may take place during visitation periods to see if your child is being taken care properly and not being exposed to unsafe situations or environments. Background checks may be conducted on individuals who the children are exposed to. Interviews and statements may be taken from neighbors who may provide helpful information.


Child Custody Investigators in CT

Child custody investigators can help determine if:

  • Supervised visitation requirements are being met during visitation periods
  • Children are being neglected, verbally or physically abused
  • Activities occurring during child visitation periods are exposing children to risk
  • A child’s safety is potentially at risk being exposed to someone a parent is associating with, such as a sex offender
  • Other child custody information / evidence of value

When you call you will speak to a child custody investigator in CT who will take your case seriously. Connecticut investigative Solutions conducts custody investigations for concerned parents or the attorneys that represent them.