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You’ve come to the right place for locating people. We have a locate specialist available to assist clients with locating debtors, witnesses and other individuals. For a flat rate our standard person/skip tracing search consists of Nationwide coverage clients. Check out OUR GUARANTEE.

Locating Individuals | Skip Tracing

As a licensed private detective agency Connecticut Investigative Solutions has access to powerful databases and other investigative resources. These resources and developed investigative techniques from years of experience are used by our locate investigation specialist to help find a variety of individuals such as debtors, witnesses to accidents and defendants in civil litigation cases. Not all locate investigations involve litigation. A locate investigation specialist can assist clients in finding old friends or family members who have moved away and lost contact with each other over the years. If you’re trying to locate someone’s place of employment let us know.


Nationwide Clients | Nationwide Search

Nationwide standard person locates are offered to clients throughout the United States. In many cases a standard person search can be conducted for a flat rate when the client provides the subject’s full legal name along with a qualifying valid last known address, or a name and social security number.


Clients only pay a reduced “no hit” fee to help cover for time and expenses associated with the search if an individual’s current address can not be found. Financially speaking, what can this mean for you? LOW risk, HIGH reward. Give us a call.