Place of Employment

Looking to find out how to locate someone’s place of employment? Let us help. Our standard place of employment search consist of Nationwide coverage for verified active employment and can be conducted for a flat rate. Read on and check *Our Gaurantee.

How to find someone’s Place of Employment


Interested in learning how to find someone’s place of employment? You’ve come to the right place. Connecticut Investigative Solutions understands for the average person knowing how to find someone’s place of employment can be challenging. You may have already found a place of employment search (a.k.a. POE search) to be difficult and very time consuming – all while leaving you extremely frustrated and often with no results. If you’ve been unable to find someone’s place of employment yourself it’s recommended you work with a licensed detective agency who provides active and verified employment results.

Connecticut Investigative Solutions values the privacy of individuals, including their livelihood, however we realize helping clients locate place of employment information is sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons. Attorneys and other individuals such as landlords may need a place of employment investigation conducted when trying to recover money owed from a debtor, or for other reasons that are part of a case being litigated. You may be a parent and owed money for unpaid child support. You may be from a business bringing a civil action resulting from a current or former employee who has violated a non-compete agreement and now losing profits because the employee is working for one of your competitors and providing sensitive company information.


Place of Employment locate service – Nationwide

While Connecticut Investigative Solutions is based in Connecticut, standard place of employment searches consist of nationwide coverage. For a standard nationwide place of employment request in most cases in addition to needing the subject’s name we will ask for valid last known address, or the subject’s name and SSN. If you can’t provide an SSN don’t worry a qualified investigative agency like Connecticut Investigative Solutions should have no problem getting it.

A standard place of employment or person locate investigation can be conducted for a flat rate when the client provides a subject’s name to be searched along with a qualifying valid last known address, or a name and social security number.

*Our guaranteeif no active/verified employment is found with our standard Place of Employment search the clients only pays a significantly reduced “no hit” fee to help cover for time and expenses associated with the search.