Personal sacrifices and financial decisions you make can have long term consequences. You should have peace of mind and know where you stand in your relationship so you can feel good about your future. We are a highly equipped agency helping clients find out the truth.

Infidelity Investigations Video
Infidelity Investigations Video

We take infidelity investigations seriously and know the qualities an investigator should have while working on your behalf to help find answers.


Infidelity Investigations

We take infidelity investigations seriously and know the qualities an investigator should have while working on your behalf to help find answers. Not only should an investigator be skillful in surveillance and with online investigations, but someone who is empathetic and works in a discreet, confidential manner. Infidelity by its very nature is a sensitive issue. We understand you may be nervous, confused and find it difficult to call and discuss your situation. When you call for a free phone consultation you will speak to a friendly and professional infidelity investigator.

Consequences of relationships | Not knowing where you stand
The emotional and financial investment in relationships often grows over time as people make personal sacrifices, financial decisions and build their lives around each other. Not knowing where you stand and trying to plan your future when the lines of open and honest communication between you and your significant other have broken down can be emotionally devastating and have long term financial consequences. Questioning your partner’s activities to the point where you need the assistance of an infidelity investigator because you “need to know” can understandably be very difficult. Sometimes infidelity investigations are necessary so you can make informed decisions about your future.

What if you don’t find my partner cheating?
While the infidelity investigator may find evidence of an unfaithful partner you may also find a great deal of comfort and peace of mind learning otherwise. Importantly, even if no evidence is found your partner is “involved” with another person, most clients are very interested in knowing whether or not their significant other is being honest with them about their activities. As discussed in our article on infidelity warning signs your partner not being truthful about their activities could be an indication they have lost interest in the relationship, but have not communicated how they feel leaving you thinking everything is OK in the relationship. For example, you partner tells you they are going to help out a family member, but while they are under surveillance were found to have been socializing with friends.

Digital Investigations | Besides surveillance what else can you do to help find out if my partner is being unfaithful?
Over the last decade the use of social media and online dating has grown in popularity. While there are many benefits to communicating online, it’s not always used as a way for single people with busy lives interested in having a monogamous relationship to find others to meet. An infidelity investigation can include looking for activity online indicating your significant other is engaging in behavior questionable to you, even if it’s posting online their relationship status as “single”. Importantly, you may have already searched for your partner online yourself, but as the principal infidelity investigator discusses “our combined access to specialized databases, resources and experience can uncover activity you didn’t think was there and it’s not as expensive as people may think”.

Connecticut Investigative Solutions has built a reputation in the investigative community and has been recognized for providing high quality surveillance services. Special high definition covert surveillance equipment is used and video, photos and other documentation can be emailed securely using encryption, then opened with an optional password you chose. Video can also be provided on disk and mailed to you. When looking for an infidelity investigator in CT call us.

Questionable activity or behavior?

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