Trademark Infringement Investigations

You may be a large established business, or a small business owner who has worked hard and perhaps invested much of your life’s savings in the dream of having your own successful business. Either way, businesses often use a logo to brand themselves, whether it’s a company logo, name, word, phrase, symbol or image. Over the past couple of decades the internet has fueled the ability for individuals to search for established trademarks and use online technology to copy or recreate “knock offs”. If someone uses your trademark they could be infringing upon your company’s potential for significant earnings and profit. Obtaining valuable physical or digital evidence can go a long way in making your case. This is where trademark infringement investigations that sometimes are part of a larger business background investigation can help. Connecticut Investigative Solutions has a trademark infringement investigator in CT to consult with.

Trademark Infringement Investigators in CT

Trademark infringement investigators can help obtain evidence through methods such as:

  • Undercover surveillance of individuals and businesses
  • Purchasing company branded products
  • Obtaining photographic and video evidence
  • Obtaining digital evidence online
  • Pretext interviews
  • Conducting business background investigations
  • Domain name and IP address information

Connecticut Investigative Solutions will work cost effectively when trademark infringement investigations are needed. Call (860) 865-0363 for a consultation at no charge and speak to our trademark infringement investigator in CT.

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