Alimony Investigations

Has a divorce decree resulted in you paying alimony? Have things changed and now feel you shouldn’t be? What you’ll pay for an alimony investigation often will be nothing compared to what you’ll save over time if a court order reduces or terminates your obligation to make alimony payments.

Alimony Investigations

Alimony investigations can assist individuals involved in a divorce or the attorneys that represent them in several ways using alimony and cohabitation investigators in CT, or out of state.

Court ordered alimony payments | Connecticut
Laws concerning court ordered alimony payments in divorce cases can vary from state to state and can be awarded short term, long or even permanent. In Connecticut a court may order a former spouse to pay alimony to the other. A number of factors are considered when determining if alimony is awarded. These factors can include the cause for the legal separation or dissolution of marriage, amount and sources of income, occupation, and the needs of each of the parties. Court orders may require parties to disclose if their income status has changed. Upon finding of a material change in circumstances a court may reduce or terminate court ordered alimony payments because the financial needs of the party have changed.

Cost comparison
If you’re paying alimony you may have already spent tens of thousands of dollars or will in the future when you may not need to pay. What you spend for an alimony investigation may surprise you and could very well be less than a single alimony payment. If you contest the alimony order and the court finds sufficient cause to reduce or terminate alimony payments all together the savings can be substantial. Alimony investigations are conducted in a cost effective manner and clients are provided with regular updates as the case progresses so you won’t be left in the dark on the status of the investigation.

Alimony Investigators in CT

Alimony investigators can help in several ways, including:

  • Alimony and cohabitation investigations can help determine if the opposing party is living with another person
  • Investigate if the opposing party has been truthful in listing their assets by conducting an asset search investigation for assets previously not known or disclosed
  • Conducting a place of employment investigation
  • Conducting a search to see if the opposing party has remarried
  • Helping to determine if the party receiving alimony is being provided financial relief by others
  • Seeking other evidence of value specific for your case

Call Connecticut Investigative Solutions and speak to a licensed private investigator if you feel an alimony and cohabitation investigation is needed.

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