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Injured victims often face years of medical treatment, pain, lost wages and mounting medical bills. The consequences can have devastating results not only for the victims, but to their families as well. While there are numerous types of accidents, a few common accident investigations involve product liability, motor vehicle accidents or slip/trip and falls. So what role does Connecticut Investigative Solutions play in CT personal injury cases? Clients, typically those represented by personal injury attorneys, are helped by a having a personal injury investigator in CT investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident.

The methods of investigation CT personal injury investigators use may include reviewing first responder reports, locating witnesses, conducting interviews and obtaining statements. Statements may be sought for a variety of reasons, such as preserving valuable information involving the facts and circumstances of the event that may be lost when the memory of a witness inevitably fades over time. Measurements and photos can help show the condition of an injured person, place or object that contributed to the accident. While many type of accidents involve some of the same methods of investigation, each personal injury case is unique in its own way.

If you have been a victim of a motor vehicle accident as a result of someone else being at fault hopefully there is a witness that can be interviewed. For helpful information check out our blog post on the importance of witnesses after accidents.

A personal injury investigator in CT will work cost effectively when accident investigations are needed.

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