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Connecticut Investigative Solutions, LLC is a licensed, bonded and insured CT private detective agency. Our mission is to provide clients with cost effective and professional investigations that exceed industry standards. We have worked with many professionals in the insurance, legal and investigative industry, as well as private clients from diverse backgrounds. Connecticut Investigative Solutions knows what type of company clients want when looking to private investigators in CT for assistance – A trusted detective agency who can provide discreet and confidential investigations.

With over 20 years of valuable experience, Jon Dommel, the owner and licensed private investigator in CT is a seasoned professional. He has earned a Bachelor of Science in Justice & Law Administration, has served in the military and is a former law enforcement officer in Connecticut. Having trained private investigators in CT and out of state, clients rely on him with their sensitive investigative needs. He has a long track record of producing valuable results and is known in the investigative community for conducting high quality investigations in a legal and ethical manner. A strong proponent of continuing education Jon has also been a guest speaker on private investigations and stays current with professional investigative practices. With courtroom testimonial experience, Connecticut Investigative Solutions is prepared to testify on your behalf should your case go to court.

When searching for a private investigator in CT let us be your choice.

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