Accidents, such as motor vehicle collisions only resulting in minor vehicle damage still may affect your insurance rates. Medical bills from accidents resulting in personal injury can quickly add up. It is common for private investigators to conduct accident investigations using a variety of methods. One common approach asked of private investigators to help determine liability in accident investigations is to locate witnesses, interview them and obtain written and/or recorded statements. Most people at one time or another have been a witness to an accident or needed one. A personal injury investigator in CT discusses the importance of witnesses after accidents.

Identifying witnesses is important. While attending to injuries is a priority, if there is a possible witness to an accident and you can physically do so safely, try to get their contact information, including their full name, telephone number, work and home address. It’s not uncommon for a witness to an accident to change jobs or move in the future. Having this information, even if it’s not current at the time it’s needed, can often be used by an investigator trying to locate a witness in the future.

The reality is accidents are often traumatic. It’s understandable how confusion sets in from injuries sustained, or when onlookers, police, fire and medical first responders arrive. If you’re not in a position where you can obtain contact information from a witness you may be able to ask an onlooker nearby to help you. Even being able jot down the license plate of a vehicle a witness was in can be very helpful – an investigator conducting a personal injury investigation can then search motor vehicle registration records which can help locate the witness so they can be interviewed.

In summary, a good witness to an accident can make a major difference in the outcome of an insurance claim so try to get their contact information. I hope I’ve provided a helpful overview of the¬†importance of witnesses after accidents. Hopefully, you won’t ever be in a position to need one.