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Seeing questionable activity or abnormal behavior in your partner? Read some Warning Signs of Infidelity below.

Warning Signs of Infidelity

While any one of the following possible warning signs of infidelity may be explainable, what is your gut telling you?

Infidelity Warning signs may include:

Secretive phone calls: He or she removes themselves from your presence when using the phone, or ignores incoming calls when they had not in the past.

Change in hygiene routines and grooming behaviors: Infidelity warning signs may become apparent when your spouse or significant other becomes more concerned about their appearance and begins to exercise, purchase new clothes and cologne/perfume.

Your spouse or partner’s work schedule changes: The days of the week or their work hours increase or decrease to spend time with another person to accommodate their schedule.

Lack of interest showed: Your partner shows a lack of interest in participating in activities with you.

Computer usage starts to change: Example, your partner is up early in the morning or stays up later at night to communicate with someone. Extended periods of time on the computer occur and they delete their web browser history when they hadn’t in the past.

They have a friend you’re never able to meet: Your spouse or partner tells you about a new friend they are hanging out with but you’re never able to meet them – possibly because they don’t exist.

Suspicious phone usage: Infidelity warning signs may surface relating to phone usage. Your significant other adds password protection to their phone when they hadn’t used a password in the past. Most phones, especially smart phones have an auto locking feature that can be adjusted for a specified period of time to lock the phone or block access to some of its features unless a password is entered. The incoming caller ID shows a name of the same gender as your partner but your partner has never mentioned them or talks about them vaguely. This could be a “cover name” used to hide the real name of the person with which they are spending time with. Other suspicious phone activity may be unknown phone numbers that keep reappearing on phone call logs, especially during times when you’re not around your partner.

Emotional disconnect | Avoidance: Your spouse or partner stops expressing emotions or doesn’t seem to care about your feelings. Your partner or spouse may be emotionally “caught up” in someone else and not realizing how they are ignoring your feelings. Birthday and holiday cards that used to be romantic and sentimental are now humorous, lack meaningful content or are now signed without “Love” before their name. If receiving these types of cards from your partner is not typical, it may be an indicator your significant other is emotionally detached and avoiding you. There may be phone conversations you have with your partner that are consistently becoming less frequent or shorter in duration without a reasonable explanation.

Financial transactions: Have you noticed suspicious credit card charges or cash withdraws from your joint account? Has your significant other been unable to explain them? Unless you have accounts in both your names you may not know this, but it could be one of the infidelity warning signs.

Wanting to know where you are all the time: Your spouse or partner wants to know where you are and what your schedule is so they can plan when they spend time with someone else to avoid raising suspicion.