Cyber Investigations

Are you involved in a civil litigation case, being harassed, feel your identity has been stolen, or have been a victim of fraud? The consequences can be both emotionally and financially devastating. Call and ask about our cyber investigation’s service.

Cyber Investigations

Cyber investigations are increasingly becoming more common to collect evidence when investigating a wide range of cases involving civil and criminal matters. It simply can not be overstated the value they add to numerous types of investigations.

Cyber investigations can provide a wealth of information, including, but not limited to obtaining evidence of fraud, deceit and online harassment.  When cyber investigations are conducted typically the focus is to find evidence specific to the type of case being investigated so the client can be provided with information useful for their matter. Importantly, they should be conducted in a legal and ethical manner.

Why use a private investigator to conduct a cyber investigation?

  • A qualified investigator will have access and knowledge to sources and methods to help identify locate social media profiles and other evidence that may otherwise go undiscovered.
  • Evidence you collect may not contain vital supporting information, or may be inadmissible in court. Professional investigators have a strong understanding of what would be valuable evidence and understand legal considerations pertaining to how the evidence is collected, preserved (i.e., chain of custody) and reported.
  • The small investment in a cyber investigation can result in a big return on investment when evidence is found to build a strong case.

Cyber investigations can be helpful in cases involving, but not limited to:

  • Fraud Investigations
  • Slander/Harassment
  • Identity/Theft
  • Catfish Investigations
  • Child Custody
  • Asset Searches
  • Missing Persons