Child Support

Are you having trouble receiving child support payments? Have circumstances involving the court order changed, such as one’s residence, employment status or sources of income? Call for a free confidential consultation.

Child Support Investigations

Whether or not parents of a child brought into this world resulted from of a close relationship that fell apart, or one that never materialized, a child depends on responsible adults for their survival and well-being. Understandably it can be a traumatic experience for both the parents and child to go through. A mother or father caring for the child will have the added responsibility of caring for the child emotionally, physically and financially. When certain circumstances around a court order have changed child support investigations can help try to determine evidence of what’s referred to as a change in circumstances, such as someone’s employment status, sources of income, bank account, residential address and assets owned.

Laws for pertaining to child support orders can vary from state to state. At the time of this writing Connecticut’s Support Enforcement Unit has several responsibilities relating to the Connecticut Child Support Enforcement Program (referred to as the “IV-D” program), which include monitoring child support awards for compliance purposes and taking enforcement actions pertaining to income withholding and contempt applications. As a resource you can find a wealth of information involving child support on the State of Connecticut’s Judicial Branch website or you can call them. Connecticut’s Support Enforcement Unit will do the best they can to provide you with assistance, but depending on your specific case there may be a limit on how much they can do.

While there are a number of reasons why child support investigations or child custody investigations are needed, below are ways a private investigator can provide assistance in a child support case.

Child Support Investigators in CT

Child support investigators in CT can help uncover evidence such as:

  • Place of employment (i.e., interest of garnishing wages)
  • Bank Account (i.e., interest in recouping overdue payments)
  • Unreported Income 
  • Occupational Licenses 
  • Residential address
  • Assets, to include Real Property (liens may be able to be placed on the property)
  • Other child support information / evidence of value

A licensed private investigator from Connecticut Investigative Solutions conducts child support investigations for concerned parents  or the attorneys that represent them.


Child Support Investigation
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