Reasons to use a private investigator for surveillance

A CT private investigator discusses reasons to use a private investigator for surveillance. Our lead investigator is a highly trained surveillance specialist well known in the investigative industry and has been recognized for his covert surveillance capabilities.

CT Private investigator on reasons to use a PI for surveillance

Why use a PI for surveillance? There are good reasons for people who need answers to help make important decisions to use a private investigator. While industry professionals know why, for those outside the investigative industry that understandably don’t, below are 7 reasons to use a qualified and experienced private investigator for your surveillance needs.


7 reasons to use private investigators for surveillance

Legal Exposure. One of the many important reasons to use private investigators for surveillance involves the legal component. In matters such as child custody, child support, alimony or infidelity investigations, surveillance is often a key component in the investigative process. However, there are several criminal laws that can come into play during the course of a surveillance investigation including harassment, stalking and trespassing which could subject you to criminal or civil liability. Our CT private detective agency is licensed to conduct surveillance investigations.

Getting Caught. In personal matters involving matrimony and infidelity, consider what could happen if you’re caught in the act of following someone and the effect it would have on your relationship with the subject of surveillance, mutual friends and family. Utilizing the services of Connecticut Investigative Solution’s helps avoid this and the investigation being compromised.

Actionable Intelligence Collection. Our credentialed company proficient in surveillance operations have the ability to access valuable data which is often used before and during a surveillance investigation to help gather evidence and make informed decisions out in the field that can break a case wide open.

Training and Experience. Sometimes the window of opportunity is only open for a limited period of time to obtain crucial evidence. Split second decisions working in challenging conditions is common. Connecticut Investigative Solutions uses investigators with surveillance training and experience. The owner and investigator works or is personally involved in all cases. Why is this important? You are getting a seasoned investigator with a personal stake in the success of your case and our business.

Equipment. Surveillance specialists use a variety of equipment such as high definition camcorders, HD hidden covert video cameras, GPS navigation, tripods, binoculars and other specialized equipment. A discreet surveillance vehicle able to blend into a variety of environments is very important. For many types of cases the date and time “stamped” on the video itself is the industry standard and reduces the chance it will be challenged in court.

Third Party Objectivity. A professional detective agency as a third party providing evidence can help avoid the potential appearance of impropriety or element of doubt as to the authenticity of information presented as evidence by a party related to the case.

Court Admissible Evidence & Testimony. As a result of the investigation the person conducting the surveillance may be needed to appear in court, such as testifying as to how the evidence was obtained, its chain of custody and how it was prepared. Improperly obtained, stored and prepared video evidence may not be admissible in court. The issue of credibility may be a factor when a jury or other parties make the decision to believe evidence from a party litigating the case. Using a private investigator with courtroom testimonial experience is very valuable.

The potential consequences of not using a licensed and reputable investigative firm can be serious. I hope I’ve conveyed to the readers of the article why they should use my CT Private Private Detective Agency for their surveillance needs.”, Jon D., Owner