School Bullying in CT – Bullying Investigations

Over the past number of years school bullying in CT has received more and more attention. Whether it’s physical, verbal or emotional bullying, the results of school bullying can have a significant impact on the child’s life, which can affect their ability to learn, socialize or worse. Children may feel a sense of hopelessness and resort to substance abuse or even suicide to deal with it.

Bullying can affect many people, including those that witness it and the bullies themselves. Bullies may continue their behavior which can have an affect on many aspects of their adult lives, including their relationships, employment opportunities and health.

In July of 2011, Connecticut Public Act No. 11-232, An Act Concerning the Strengthening of School Bullying Laws, was signed into law. The new law, which addresses online “cyber bullying”, takes extensive steps to reduce the incidents of school bullying in CT. Some of the steps include an increase in training among school personnel, the length of time school systems have to respond to CT bullying complaints and making school employees mandated reporters. The law goes a long way towards stopping bullying. However, because of the randomness and locations of where bullying can occur, many would agree even a school system’s best efforts make it extremely difficult for a school system to identify every incident of school bullying.

There may be bullying warning signs of bullying which a child tries to hide. The child’s focus should be on school and they should not be distracted by the fear of bullying, whether it takes place before, during or after school.

Connecticut Investigative Solutions can assist parents and appropriate authorities, in certain situations, with investigating school bullying through surveillance efforts by obtaining video documentation of bullying behavior. School bullying surveillance operations are sensitive in nature and are conducted in a legal, ethical and professional manner.

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